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15 Quick Benefits to a Bullfrog Spa


  • Family – Enjoy your hot tub as a family. A Bullfrog Spa can make communication easier along with spending quality time together!
  • Sleep – Soaking for 20 minutes aids in the sleep process allowing you to fall asleep quicker and sleep deeper


  • Massages– You have access to a massage any time you want, all year long with your personalized JetPaks from Bullfrog Spas.
  • Muscle Relief- whether you’re a workout warrior or armchair quarterback you can relieve sore/tense muscles after a long day

  • Pain Relief– Hot tubs are a proven way for relieving arthritis pain.
  • Romance- whether it’s your long term partner or just impressing someone a hot tub can be a romantic getaway.


  • Outdoors– Under the stars or an early morning soak are easy ways to enjoy the outdoors
  • Get More Sunshine– during winter months you can improve your Vitamin-D deficiency by getting sunlight comfortably in the hot tub.


  • Improved Health– According to some medical journals, hot tubs can decrease blood sugar levels and lower blood pressure
  • Winter Party– Easy way to get outside and enjoy an evening with some friends while not freezing your tail off, winter is the favorite time of year for most hot tub users!


  • At-Home Therapy– Access to warm water therapy at your own convenience.
  • Workouts– You can stay in shape all year long regardless of weather, also helps in reducing cellulite
  • Get Lean– Improve your entire body with lean muscle mass by soaking, could also help you lose 1 pound a week based on studies.


  • Aromatherapy- Warm water with different scents can help ease your mind and stress.
  • Kids Can Have Fun Too – Host a hot tub party for your kids and their friends, be the cool parent. Can also be a great way to teach children how to swim.