Spa Care

Choosing the right System for You

There are many ways to chemically treat your hot tub water, keeping it sanitary and safe for you, your family and friends to enjoy. We’ve put together three of the easiest ways you can care for your spa, just add water! There are pros and cons to each system, and some work better in a specific tub. Here’s what to look out for when looking at these three systems:

1. Bullfrog Spas Mineral Cartridge

Bullfrog’s Mineral Cartridge contains precious metals that help sanitize your spa water. Unlike the systems above, the Mineral Cartridge allows you to run chlorine at a lower level, so you don’t necessary have to add as much. This system doesn’t take place of a sanitization product like chlorine, so it’s important to note that you will still have to add chlorine regularly. The Mineral Cartrige is compatible with any spa brand, but fits perfectly into any 2017 or newer Bullfrog Spa- where there is a dedicated port inside your filter for it.

2. Spa Complete

Spa Complete is extremely easy and adds conditioner to the water that makes your skin and hair feel amazing! You will not get the dried out “itchy” feeling chlorine or bromine might contribute to, and it keeps your water amazingly clear. Spa Complete is used in conjunction with either chlorine or bromine, and cannot be used  with biguanide based systems like Baqua-Spa.

3. SoftSoak TRIO

SoftSoak TRIO is a packet based system that pool owners will immediately understand. SoftSoak TRIO is a combination of three different chemcials: one used only at startup to soften the water, one used weekly to maintain water clarity, and the last used before you drain and refill to clean the pipes. Like Spa Complete, SoftSoak TRIO must be used in conjunction with chlorine or bromine, and cannot be used with biguanide based systems like Baqua-Spa.