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Myths & Truths: Bullfrog Spas

Let’s clear the air and talk about what our competition claims about Bullfrog JetPaks, and what factual evidence supports about them. Whether you’ve been shopping around for a Hot Tub, or have just started your Hot Tub buying journey, here’s the truth about our Bullfrog Spas w/ JetPaks:

Myth #1: Cheap Hot Tubs are Just as Good as Quality Ones.

There is a reason the saying “you get what you pay for” is a thing. If a tub is 1/2 price, more than likely you are getting a 1/2 price tub. With a good tub, you will get good insulation that saves you money on heating costs. Cheap tubs have more plumbing which creates places to leak and have inefficient pumps and heaters. Warranties are shorter and usually carry a pro-rated tag which causes high repair bills. You’re investment in a hot tub should be a long term deal, not a fly-by-nighter trying to make a quick buck! Come in to schedule a wet test a Bullfrog Spa at our store.

Myth #2: Delivery Included

Determine early what is all included in your spa purchase. Shockingly ordering a “hot tub with delivery included” can mean it comes dropped off at the front of your driveway. Convenient when most spas weigh over 500 pounds and some upwards of 1200. When we say delivery/setup is included we mean it, we will place the spa exactly where you want and get it wired up and running along with a spa school before we leave! Be careful out there so you aren’t up a creek trying to move the tub by yourself!

Myth#3: Only CEO and Doctors can Afford a Hot Tub

There are many affordable options on spas. Quality tubs are worth investing in because of the value it adds to the way you live. Spas can aide in sleep, recovery and relaxation along with many other day-to-day advantages. With that being said, we have many different options of financing so we can find something to fit your budget along with allowing you the benefits of a Bullfrog Spa.

Myth #4: All Hydroptherapy is the Same

Take your favorite seat/lounge area in your tub and now add the therapy that best suits you to that seat. That’s available with Bullfrog Spa’s JetPak Technology! There are 16 different JetPaks available to suit your needs, whether you need shoulder/neck pressure or you have lower back pain, it can be covered. These JetPaks are all interchangeable so you aren’t limited to one seat with your favorite jets or better yet…you can have 6 different massages in one sitting!

Myth #5: There is stagnant, unfiltered water behind JetPaks

This is probably the #1 misleading information regarding JetPaks. It’s probably the most commonly used way to try and “unsell” the JetPak Therapy System. Here’s the truth:

JetPaks have been specifically designed with two jets in the back. Those two jets sole purpose is to keep water circulating behind the JetPak. They not only circulate water behind the Jetpak, but also help push that water back into the “tub” area, which all gets filtered.

To further debunk this, we tried a little experiment. We placed a light colored Jetpak in a dark colored tub. We ran this tubs circulation for 4 hours during a 96 hour period at 100 degrees. We covered the spa while the water was stagnate, totaling 92 hours. We then uncovered the spa, and popped open the JetPak, and this is what we found:

Clean! We find no growth along the wall of the spa.

The the Jetpak is… Clean! We have not modified the photos, however we did minor color correction.

Myth #6: Last but Not Least! Some dealers try to make it sound like JetPaks weigh as much as a pack you’d take on a week long hike.

JetPaks weigh, on average, under 12 lbs. That means JetPaks are about the same weight as this little guy!