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To receive 20% off your stock size safety cover, show us the coupons during your purchase in store. Note: we do not stock safety covers in our store. There will be a 1-3 day wait until it is available for pickup.

Pool Cleaners

Robotic Dolphin

Dolphin’s instantly recognizable robotic pool cleaners offer the cleanest pool experience you can ask for. Take the work-heavy duty of cleaning your pool and let your Dolphin do it for you! The brand new S-Series line of cleaners feature advanced filtration options, allowing the robotic cleaner to remove particles as dirt particles as small as 10-15 microns. Did we mention our M-Series and S-Series of Dolphins are ultra efficient?

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We are an Elite Maytronics dealer.

Our Dolphins


Quality Pool Care

BioGuard Products

BioGuard produces high quality pool and spa chemicals for beautiful pool water. Tested and proven effective, BioGuard products are known for delivering reliable results and making pool care less complex. We carry an extensive line of pool solutions that match your unique needs.

Use our products for complimentary digital Alex water analysis powered by our industry leading water analysis system- ALEX.

Pool care

Variable Speed Pump

Intelliflo 2 VST

The iconic variable speed pump that started an energy-savings revolution is back, and better than ever. With energy savings of up to 90%* versus conventional pumps, a new easy-to-read rotatable keypad and advanced programming capabilities, there’s even more to love about the latest Intelliflo. And did we mention its unmatched field reliability? Now you know why it’s the top choice for pool pros and pool owners around the world.

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More heat for less cost

AquaComfort Heat Pumps

AquaComfort products are built better to last longer. Engineered to capture most of the free heat from the surrounding air, AquaComfort Heat Pumps do not lose efficiency every year like their gas counterparts do. Unlike other Heat Pumps on the market, AquaComfort Heat Pumps start producing heat at 40 degrees- allowing you to dive into the swimming season much sooner. Good at heating, AquaComfort Heat Pumps are also good for the planet and emits no Co2… compared to 15,000 – 20,000 pounds of Co2 from gas heaters.

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