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What we’ll do

As a weekly service customer, Swimfun will:

  • Vacuum
  • Clean Tile or Waterline (as needed)
  • Test & Treat Pool Water
  • Skim Leaves and Debris off the top of the water
  • Brush the walls, steps and benches
  • Backwash and clean the filter as needed
  • Check and clean skimmers and pump baskets
  • Check all equipment
  • Check and fill automatic chemical feeders

Weekly Service from Swimfun

Enjoy using your inground pool this summer, not cleaning it.

Weekly Service is a great option if you want to spend more time pool side, or don’t have enough time for proper pool care in general. With Weekly Service from Swimfun, you don’t have to worry about the constant care your pool needs.

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Weekly Service Homeowner Reminders

Water Level

Maintain 1″ of water above mid skimmer. Drain or add water as needed


Regularly empty skimmer and pump baskets so they do not become clogged

Water Quality

Notify us if you begin to experience off color, cloudy water or excessive water loss

Abnormal Noises

Notify us if you experience any abnormal noise from the equipment