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January 11, 2017

Order Form: Spa Cover

Every so often you’ll need to replace your Spa Cover. Over time, the hot tub cover gradually gets heavier and you do not usually notice these small increases in weight until you go out to their hot tub one day and have difficulty opening it.  A good hot tub cover will normally weigh around 50 – 75 pounds depending on their size.  At this weight you should be able to lift it relatively easily. However, if you notice you are having difficulty lifting it or you need more than one person to help you, it is time to address the problem.

Problems caused by old Spa Covers

A heavy hot tub cover is a problem that you simply shouldn’t ignore as it can lead to several types of problems that will affect your ability to use your hot tub and can it can even cost you money as well.  Some of the most common problems that result from heavy covers are:

  • Skyrocketing Hydro Bills – A hot tub with a cover that is excessively heavy will cost more for you to run especially during the winter months.
  • Reduce Your Usage – Once your hot tub cover gets ridiculously heavy it could take more than one person just to open it. When that happens you will be far less likely to use it regularly keeping you from the enjoyment that a hot tub can bring.
  • Damage to the hot tub cover lifter – Some hot tubs come equipped with hot tub cover lifters to help you remove the cover when you are ready to use your hot tub. If the cover becomes too heavy, this lifter can break or be damaged under the stress of the extra weight.

What makes our spa covers the BEST?

Superior design and materials make our spa covers last longer
Super Strong Hinge Support, Mechanically Thermal Sealed Vapor Barriers, Super Tough Cover Straps & Handles,  Drain & Dry System, EPS Tapered Foam Cores, Enduratex Marine Vinyl, Full 4” Aluminum C-Channel Reinforcement

No Need to Measure
Simply choose your brand and spa model and you’ll be assured of an excellent fit.

Our spa covers come with an up to Five Year Warranty because we stand behind the quality of our products.

ASTM Classified Safe
Our manufacturer is an ASTM Classified safety cover that’s approved by cities and municipalities. MANUAL SAFETY COVER IN ACCORDANCE WITH ASTM F 1346-91 6N48. All our spa covers come with adjustable lock down straps and new hardware.

Energy Saving Design
Our covers are designed to seal in heat and moisture to save you money on energy costs. Exceptionally high, industry-leading R-values are available.

Beautiful Designer Colors
Choose the color that best compliments your own sense of style.

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