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January 11, 2017

How to: Clean a Pool Salt Cell

The environment within your cell can cause chalky white calcium-scale deposits to form on your cell’s walls over time, decreasing the chlorine output. BioGuard SaltScapes saltwater pool care Cell Cleaner is highly effective at removing calcium carbonate scale, calcium phosphate scale, and calcium sulfate scale. It works quickly in 15-30 minutes to remove build-up scale and can then conveniently be disposed of in your pool (unlike dangerous Muriatic Acid mixtures- DO NOT dispose of any Muriatic Mixture into your pool.).


These instructions apply to SaltScapes Cell Cleaner only. Wear safety glasses and rubber gloves when handling SaltScales Cell Cleaner. One bottle = one cleaning.

  1. Turn off circulation system and remove cell according to manufactures instructions.
  2. Cap one cell end with a water tight cap. Place it (cap-side down) into a clean 5 gallon plastic bucket.
  3. Fill cell with SaltScales Cell Cleaner. NOTE: Excess product can be poured into the deepest end of the pool.
  4. Soak for 15-30 minutes. Usually when the bubble-fizz action stops. Then pour the contents into the deepest end of the pool.
  5. Rinse the cell with a garden hose, reinstall and restart your circulation system.
  6. Rinse any spilled solution out of the bucket and off of surrounding areas.

For best results clean the cell at least once a season. Regular use of SaltScapes Scale Defender will protect against damaging scale for efficient long-lasting cell performance.