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BioGuard Brand Chemicals

A system that works at keeping your pool clear.

Leave It To The Pool Care Pros. When it comes to professional pool care, there really is a difference. As your local BioGuard Dealer and Pool Care Pro, Swimfun is always prepared. Here’s how:

  • A wealth of pool care knowledge? Yes.
  • A wide range of proven BioGuard products in stock? Yep.
  • Computerized water testing customized for you? Of course.
  • An economical plan tailored to your pool’s specific needs? That too.

Step 1

To clean the water

Use any of BioGuard’s SilkGuard product.

Step 2

To remove containments

Use of any BioGuard Shock product.

Step 3

To prevent algae

Use of any BioGuard Algicide product.

Step 1: Sanitize

To keep your pool water clean.

You need to constantly use a sanitizer to keep your pool water clean. This will slowly release the sanitizer of your choice for periods of time. You can use any of the following BioGuard Sanitizers for Step 1:

  • SilkGuard Tabs 3″ or 1″
  • SilkGuard Sticks
  • SilkGuard Smart Sticks

Step 2: Remove Contaminants

To keep your pool water healthy.

You need use shock to remove contaminants on a weekly basis. This will quickly release a high concentration of sanitizer to remove contaminants. You can use any of the following BioGuard Shocks for Step 2:

  • Smart Shock
  • Easy Shock N’ Swim
  • Burnout 3
  • Burnout 35
  • Burnout 73

Step 3: Prevent Algae Growth

To keep plants out of your pool.

You need use algicide on a weekly basis to prevent algae form growing in your pool. You can use any of the following BioGuard Shocks for Step 3:

  • Back-Up 2
  • Algae All 60
  • Banish

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Enhancers and Problem Solvers

BioGuard has a full line of enhancers and problem solvers. From filter cleaners to phosphate removers, we have what you need! Filter cleaners, clarifiers, flocculants to phosphate removers, we’ve got you covered!

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