A7 Full Features & Ample Space in a Mid-Size Spa

The A7 is a full-featured mid-size spa that feels much larger than its dimensions. The A7 features dual premium corner captain’s chairs, each with wrist, hip, calf and foot jets to go along with 5 JetPaks of your choice.

Absolutely no space is wasted in this spa, giving it the feel of a much larger hot tub and making it ideal for entertaining friends or families.

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Hello, Future

It's no longer the 1980's
Monthly average cost to run*
Less plumbing, less problems
Wood & Steel free frame

Touch Controls

Control your Bullfrog with ease
Display may appear a little different on actual unit. For demonstration purposes only.

Light Controls

Jet Controls

Setting Controls

Music Controls

Made by Balboa in the USA

Incredible Efficiency

Bullfrog -vs- Others in the Industry
Energy calculations based on data compiled by the California Energy Commission and US Energy Information Administration.

JetPak Therapy

Much more than a "backpack"
Focused on your Body

Revolutionary to the industry, JetPaks are lightweight modular seats that provide more than 16 different unique jet configurations. Each JetPak focuses on a different part of your body.

Our vast array of massages cover multiple troublesome areas: from the spine to your upper and/or lower back. With multiple different jet types in each Jetpak, there's one for everyone to love!

Completely Versatile

Love switching between a lounger and deep bucket seat? Keep your same massage. Like kids who like to play musical chairs? Keep your same massage. Want a different massage in your favorite seat? We've got you covered.

The Jetpak Therapy System™ not only allows you enjoy your favorite massage in your favorite seat, but enables your tub to change with you. Your tub is truly a timeless backyard oasis centerpiece!

Fully Featured

Always: Endura Base & Frame

Impervious to water, impregnable to termites, snakes, rats and rodents

Always: Efficient Plumbing

Efficient Plumbing = efficient power, less energy consumption

Always: Made in the USA

Each and every one of our Bullfrog Spas are proudly made in the USA

Always: WellSpring Filtration

All water (even behind JetPaks) is 100% filtered up to 10x the current industry standard with dual Microban Filters

Optional: Premium O-Zone

Perfect your spa experience with the purifying power of premium industrial grade plasma O-Zone

Always: Salt Compatible

Enjoy softer water with a premium Bromine Salt Generator that makes regular maintenance a breeze

Customize A7

Because no two people are alike
All Spa Renders © Swimfun. All rights reserved. Not labeled for reuse without explicit written permission. Always refer to physical color swatches when making final choices.

Technical Specifications


EnduraFrame & Base


Shell Structure

10 year

Shell Surface

7 year


5 year


5 year


5 year


1 year

Audio System

1 year


1 year


88" L x 88" W x 36" D

Dry Weight

661 lbs

Filled Weight

5316 lbs

Full Foam Insulation



x2 4.8BHP (2-Speed)

Dual Filteration System


Quite Circulation Pump




Salt Generator


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Bullfrog Hot Tub

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* Estimated monthly operating cost for an A7 Bullfrog Spa based on $.10 per kw/h, 60°F ambient temperature, 101°F water temperature and CEC reported data.