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What makes the A-Series Unique?

EnduraFrame™ Construction

Bullfrog Spas is the leader in 100% wood-free spa construction technology. With no wood to rot or warp and a highly engineered structure that fits together perfectly you can be assured that your spa will be dependable and long-lasting.

Premium Control Panel

A premium touch screen control system is available in all A Series spas. These intuitive systems make it easy to control water temperature, lighting, jets, and more. A Series spas also feature conveniently located auxiliary controls that allow you to control your jetted massages from any place in the spa.

WellSpring Water Care

Bullfrog Spas’ WellSpring Water Care System ensures your spa water is always clean and clear. 100% of the water passes through the dual filters in each filtration cycle. The system turns water at a rate as high as 10 times the industry standard!

JetPak Therapy System

The ultra-efficient plumbing technology eliminates up to 90% of the piping and joints used to plumb conventional hot tubs while providing better performance and customization options you just can’t get on standard spas.